Saturday, May 12, 2012

Halfway There!

So we are halfway there! I'm actually only 19 weeks but with Benjamin being born at 38 weeks, that means I'm halfway. :) So we had our anatomy scan yesterday and it went amazingly well. We got some great picks of our sweet baby and it looks perfect and healthy, which is all I wanted to hear. My hematoma has also shrunk a bit more and is now only 3.5cmx1.5cm, which is great news and I haven't had any more bleeding in weeks. The best news is that my cervix was measuring over 5cm! The normal cervical length at this point in pregnancy is 4-5cm and I'm even beyond that, so I am thrilled. I know things can change very quickly with incompetent cervix but that is a crazy long cervix so I'm confident that if it started to shorten at this point, we would be able to catch it in time. Over the last two weeks I started feeling some Braxton Hicks and started getting those stabbing pains in my vagina/cervix. If you've been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about. With Benjamin, I dubbed them the "vagina ninjas". Now I know they're normal but feeling those and not having a cerclage gave me a bit of anxiety. I didn't start to feel any of those until way later in the pregnancy last time but I guess they can happen earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. I am very thankful for the prayers this last week because they helped tremendously with my fear. We also stayed strong and didn't find out the gender! I don't know if I'll be able to hold out the entire pregnancy since we have so many ultrasounds, but we're going to try. I'm just so thankful that I'm still pregnanct and I'm bursting with joy that we get to be a part of this miracle. I know God chose us for this and I can't wait to tell our son or daughter how very special they are.

Just saying hi!

         Fold up like a burrito with the toes over the head!

Benjamin wanted to be a part of my belly picture. :)


  1. I'm so happy to read this wonderful update!!! Benjamin looks like such a big boy!

  2. Soli Dei Gloria

  3. Had contrations at that point too with my twins, and I doubled my water intake (it was ridiculous how much I was drinking) and it worked! If nothing else... try that :) Prayers are up! xxoo Sharon in Manhattan Beach