Saturday, April 28, 2012

Double Update

So I have had two appointments in the last two weeks but our Internet has been down for weeks so I haven't been able to update! Two weeks ago I started bleeding and then spotting a bit but it wasn't that bad and only lasted about 5 days. My peri had told me it would be normal but after a month of nothing, it wasn't fun. Anyway, he wasn't worried about it at all and we had our best appointment last week! The SCH shrunk a little bit more, down to 4.5cmx2cm so the volume is so tiny compared to what it started with. It is also well "consolidated", meaning it's clotted up and not fresh blood which is good and means the body should be able to continue to reabsorb it. The other awesome news is that all of my placental issues have been healed!! He was very happy to see all of this and said that one thing at a time was resolving itself and to consider myself almost halfway there. The decision is also that I won't be getting a cerclage unless he starts to see significant changes in my cervix and he will monitor me closely. Right now I'm only seeing him every 2 weeks but probably from 20-24 weeks I think I will see him every week.

Then we had another appointment this last Friday since he was going to be gone for a week and he didn't want me to go too long without coming in. No changes but everything still looks good and stable so we are all happy about that. This won't mean much to most of you but for some it might, so I will say that my cervix was about 4.6cm normally and 3.8 with lots of pressure, so that still looks really good. I'm trying not to be nervous about not having a cerclage but I will say that it will be a miracle if it turns out I don't have IC. He said that once I hit 28 weeks he'll consider me in the clear and the most amazing thing about that is that I may be able to actually have a normal pregnancy at that point. Just praying that the SCH disappears completely soon, that my cervix stays nice and strong and that we don't have any preterm labor issues! I'm still on modified bedrest (about 7 weeks now!) and he did give me a little more freedom. All I can say to that is Hallelujah! I have really been getting stir crazy this last week and am loving that I can go to church and out to eat, especially with all of this nice weather. :)

So that is my latest update! Thanking the Lord for all of the peace and joy that I have had, despite these circumstances and for continued healing. I will leave you all with a picture of our cute baby and a 17 week belly picture...I am getting HUGE so fast. Eeek! Also a pic of my little man and me at Easter. :)


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  1. Praise the Lord! Thank you for updating. Still praying, let's skype soon!