Thursday, May 31, 2012

22 weeks

Almost 22 weeks now and only 2 more to go until goal #1! I had a great appointment on Monday and everything looks wonderful. My SCH is barely still there but my doctor officially said it is no longer a concern. He did say that I have an increased risk or Pprom (preterm premature rupture of membranes) for the rest of my pregnancy, but I already knew that. He also said it's not something to worry about though because it will either happen or it won't and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. My cervix also looked great, once again. It was over 5cm and with pressure it was in the high 4's. This is really crazy to me. When you have incompetent cervix, it doesn't just go away. In fact, your cervix can actually get weaker after each pregnancy. If I get through this pregnancy with no cervical concerns, I will never need a cerclage again and I will officially be healed. Hallelujah!

Baby is still measuring big and at just a few days over 21 weeks was already measuring 1lb 2oz, which is definitely on the large size. I think we're making another big baby! We are still not finding out the sex but I definitely have a feeling. A week or so ago I had a dream that I delivered a healthy, full term little girl. :) This is definitely starting to feel more real and I'm feeling just a tad excited. I made a rule of no purchases until 28 weeks though, so I can't wait for that. My most exciting news is that, as long as nothing changes, I am off ALL restrictions at 28 weeks! No bedrest, no pelvic rest...woo hoo! Of course I will absolutely be taking it easy and probably won't really exercise but I am SO looking forward to being a normal pregnant woman!

I have been looking back at what I wrote when pregnant with Benjamin and am so glad I talked about all of my symptoms. I've been having braxton hicks already for weeks and remembering that it was normal for me is helping. The baby has also been kicking like crazy for weeks now, which I love. This little one apparently has normal sleep cycles and is lazy in the morning/afternoon and more active in the evening, unlike Benjmain, who moved and kicked me nonstop! Another thing that is so different this time is my weight gain. I know I am starting a lot lighter than I did last time but I have gained an insane amount already! I only gained around 25 or so last time and I am already up almost 20 lbs. Eeek!


  1. You look so cute! I'm so glad everything is still going well! I hope the next six weeks pass quickly for you:)

  2. SO SO happy!!! Seriously wonderful news & continuing to pray for you & Baby C!!