Monday, February 27, 2012

HUGE news!

So, just a few weeks after we got certified, we got the call! I can't believe it happened so fast, but we got a call for a little 2 month old baby boy. He is SO adorable and Benjamin is loving him too.  He is so thick and weighs 14 lbs. already and is wearing 3-6 month clothes. He wakes up a few times a night to eat, which is already better than Benjamin ever was, but it sure is an adjustment! He has just a bit of fuzzy hair and big blue eyes. We were told this was only temporary (1-2 months) and they were right. We only had him for three short weeks and then he went to live with his new foster/adoptive family, who has already adopted his 15 month old sister. It was really hard to say goodbye and I cried the first night, but I know that we'll be fine. I also get to continue to pray for him and even though he is with his possibly adoptive family, he is still in reunification with his mother so this family does have to fight to try to keep him and it may not be an easy road for them. So right when we had to give him up, our social worker asked if we wanted to take another little baby boy who is 6 weeks. We would only have a few days in between the two babies and I was told this would be a 6-12 month placement. We thought and prayed about it for a day and had to give an answer and we said yes! So I was really excited about another little one coming to join us and a few days later received a call that he was unexpectedly being reunited with his birth father, so he won't be coming here after all. I've learned this process is definitely an emotional roller coaster, but we are just rolling with the punches!

Here is a pic of Ben holding the little guy. It's not a great picture of him but I didn't think I should really show his face, since this is public.

In other big news, see the picture below. We found out right after we got certified. I know, right?!? Huge miracle! :)

Had an ultrasound today and saw the heartbeat! I'm due very early October, which probably means baby will be here late September. Prayers would definitely be appreciated!!