Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Official!

So it's official that I am a horrible blogger! I cannot believe I haven't written a post since June. So life has been crazy and fun. Being at home with Benjamin is amazing and fulfilling and there is not a dull moment around here. I am very much embracing my inner homemaker and loving it!

 Ben at 18 months

 These are a few pics that we had taken over the summer by a friend of Rob's sister. They turned out great! (Taken by Lovelock and Co)

Here's Benjamin trying to pick up a giant pumpkin!

God has also been blessing our business abundantly and it is so awesome to see. We keep having to hire new employees, which is so cool, especially in this economy! I believe we now have 8 full time employees, not counting Rob. It is so amazing to look at it all now and remembering how we started working right out of our garage with Rob doing all of the work.

Benjamin turned 2 in December and I can't believe it. He is getting so huge and he talks up a storm. He loves to talk and he has been singing, which is so cute. He also now asks me to rock with him and sing to him before nap and bedtime, which I just love so much. I used to rock him to sleep when he was a baby and then around 1 he stopped letting me so I am really enjoying my cuddle time. He also loves to throw, destroy, and take apart everything, as well as wrestle.

It's also official that we are finally certified for foster care! I laugh when I see we thought it would be done in August. :) It took quite a bit longer than expected but I am happy to report that it is done and now we just wait for a phone call. Very excited, and a bit nervous but we know this is what we are supposed to do.

This is how he sleeps in the car :)