Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ten Months

-He now has four teeth!

Wow, I think his fourth tooth coming in is the only new thing this month! He's still cruising along while he holds on to things but no walking on his own yet. I seriously can't even believe another month has gone feels like I was just on here posting. He has become a little ham for the camera though, which is new. Lately, every time I put the camera in front of him, he gives the funniest little cheesy smile, so he already knows how to work the camera. I'm starting to think about planning Benjamin's 1st birthday and I think we're going to do a sports theme. I just can't believe he's going to be 1 soon!!!

So an opportunity came up for Rob to go on a trip to Israel next spring with a group from church and we're super excited about him going. I was thinking and praying about going as well but Benjamin would be 16 months and we just weren't sure how that would work. I talked to people from church that said it was doable but then I spoke to the president of the travel agency planning the trip and she very highly advised against it, so sadly we are going to pass.  I know it will be an amazing experience for Rob though! :)

After some major ups and downs, God has really been blessing our business and we are super thankful! Owning a business is so incredibly stressful and hard but we feel like it is finally paying off after being in business for about 3 years.

Other than that, I'm really not sure what else is new with us. I guess no news is good news. :)

P.S. Does anyone even read this thing anymore or am I just posting to myself? Just curious... :)