Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 year!

I really can't believe that our sweet Eden Grace is already a year old. It's amazing how time flies. I am still in awe that our little girl was born 100% healthy and we got to take her home. Things could have gone so differently and I truly know it's a miracle that she got to come home with us at all.

She is such a little snuggler, which I love! She loves her big brother and tries to play with him all the time. They are so cute together and already fight with each other. She is quite the vocal one as well. She makes it known when she doesn't like something and yells very loudly. She already says a ton of words and is definitely more advanced than Ben was at this age. She says mama, dada, Ben (sounds like Ba) no, up, bye and more. She walks across a room but definitely prefers to crawl so far.

Life is just busy and crazy but fun! We are actually just finishing up a few things to stay certified for foster care and have been praying about accepting placements again towards the end of this year. It definitely scares me to even think about going from 2 to 3 but I guess we'll see what happens!