Friday, August 20, 2010

Eight Months

-His 2nd tooth is here
-Says "mama"
-Gets on hands and kness, lunges forward once and then falls flat
-Crawls backwards
-Pulls himself to standing

Here we are at 8 months. I can't believe he is this old...time really had flown by like everyone said it would! This month we went on another trip to Tahoe and had a great time. It was a big family trip and we basically hung out at the beach the whole time! Benjamin has already been there twice now...he's so spoiled. :)

This month hasn't been the greatest sleep wise because I think he's teething again. His 2nd tooth came through a week after the 1st tooth and no teeth since but you can tell it bothers him sometimes. He's been pretty gassy lately too and sometimes actually wakes himself up from the gas. I'm hoping we can get back to the days of him only waking up once a night but those nights are long gone right now. 

Benjamin is so close to crawling forward but isn't quite there yet. He gets on his hands and knees and then even lifts his knees like he's going to do a push up so he's super strong. He crawls backwards now but still can't quite get it going forward yet. I'm guessing it will be any day now and he'll be a little tornado all over our house. Good thing I just started baby proofing!

The nanny we've had for months now is great but is now leaving to re-open her own home daycare. So we had to start shopping for nannies again! Benjamin is going to be sad because he was so used to her being around and really liked her. I already interviewed a woman and she starts the week after next. She's a retired nanny and has 2 kids and 4 grandkids and was a nanny for the last 14 years. Benjamin seemed to like her and I did too and the cool thing is she literally lives around the corner from us. How crazy is that? Hopefully it works out!