Alexis & Ashlen

After our daughter, Makenna, died we were devastated but we also really wanted a family and were not ready to give up. About six months after she passed away we found out we were pregnant again. We were excited but I was pretty terrified. I did my best to stay positive and convince myself everything would be fine. Pretty early on we found out we were having twins and we were shocked, to say the least! After we picked our mouths up off of the floor, we started to get really excited about bringing home two babies. We found out we were having two girls and I went into planning mode. Around 20 weeks, I started spotting and eventually ended up in the hospital. After a few weeks on strict bedrest in the hospital, the unthinkable happened. Our daughters, Alexis Cailen and Ashlen Selah were born too soon and went to heaven to be with their sister. This blog is a journey through my pregnancy with them, my hospital stay, and life after loss. You can read about their story here.

Born too soon
November 4th 2008