Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Appointment Update

So I just realized that I never updated after my appointment last Friday! Let's start with the good news. :) First, I am 14 weeks and now in the 2nd trimester, which is what my OB said was the first milestone. The baby is also still measuring a week ahead, which is good because some of my complications can restrict growth, which is not happening at all. The other amazing news is that the hematoma is now less than half of the size that it was three weeks ago! Praise the Lord! It was measuring 10cmX8cm, which is very large and now it is 4cmx3cm. That is huge progress in a few weeks. I am to continue on modified bedrest like I have been but he did say I could go to church once a week, out to eat occasionally, etc. I really want to do more but I also don't want to push it because the progress has been so good so far. Oh, and now I am thinking it's a girl but we are still really trying not to find out. And especially if it is a girl, as much as I would love to buy some girly stuff, I really think I would have some anxiety if I found out for sure it was a girl, so I would really rather not know.

The not so great news is that all of my other issues are still there. The membranes are still a little separated and the side where the SCH is has been rubbing on the membranes so they are ragged and weaker than they should be, which puts me at a high risk of my water breaking early (Pprom). The edge of my placenta is still low lying over the cervix but will probably move up and the edge of the placenta is still lifting up (small abruption) but he is hoping that it will reattach when the placenta moves. The last big news is that I will NOT be getting a cerclage! I have very very mixed feelings about this. Because the SCH is still right over the cervix he said a cerclage will definitely cause more bleeding and would possibly cause my water to break so the risks are just not worth it at this point. My cervix was measuring 5cm, which is really long and good and he will continue to check it every 2 weeks to measure the length. If it starts to shorten significantly, we will probably do the cerclage even with the major risks involved. So, this really scares me because if I truly do have IC, checking every two weeks likely will not catch it in time and I could lose the baby. On the other hand, my old doctors could never agree if I truly have IC or not and with the cerclage with Benjamin, my cervix was 4 or 5cm the entire pregnancy, which is beyond fantastic. I always wondered as well if I truly had it, especially after my last pregnancy. Of course, I assumed I would just always get a cerclage because I wasn't willing to "test it" and know for sure, but now that is out of my hands. So, all I can do is rest...and wait...and continue to pray for a miracle. Medically speaking, I feel like it is highly likely that this baby won't be coming home and the odds are definitely stacked against me, but I do know that God is bigger than all of this and I have been feeling peace about all of it. Time to just trust in the Lord.

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4


  1. Oh Jenell, you have so much going on, but you are staying so strong! I admire you for that! I have been thinking about you (and sent you an email-not sure if you got it). I will be thinking about you and continue to hope that things continue to improve:)

  2. Praying every day for you and baby!!! Praise the Lord that He's giving you peace in spite of the odds and will pray that He continues to do so. Love to all of you and hoping we can see you soon! <3 <3 <3 <3