Saturday, March 24, 2012

12 weeks!

Well, here I am at 12 weeks! The good news is I'm still pregnant and I haven't been bleeding anymore! We really won't know anything more until two more weeks at my next ultrasound, so I just have to be patient and hope for a miraculous healing. I actually feel just fine physically so that makes this especially difficult to lay on the couch all day. I forgot how hard this bedrest was but it's all coming back to me now! We've had to hire a nanny to come take care of Benjamin during the day and help around the house and then poor Rob does everything all evening and weekend to take care of Benjamin and I. Our church family and my mom have been really great and are helping a ton and providing meals, so we are very thankful for that! I've been good for the most part but I've had a few rough emotional days. My mind can't help but wonder if I'm going to have to say goodbye to another baby and the anticipation of not knowing is hard. I'm just trusting in the Lord for strength to get through this.

I've pretty much completely popped out so I thought I'd take a belly picture. Baby was measuring a week ahead so I'm guessing he's about 13 weeks now. And yes, I think it's a boy. :)

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