Saturday, July 4, 2009

15 weeks

Happy 4th everyone! Last week was a big week...our 7th anniversary was on Monday and my 29th birthday was on Thursday. Too bad we couldn't do anything! Rob did go pick up some take out at our favorite sushi place for my birthday, which was awesome (don't worry, I didn't eat anything raw). Yesterday we had a BBQ at our house with my mom and our friends and today we are just hanging out and doing nothing.

I'm officially 15 weeks today and my belly is growing pretty quickly. The baby is 4 inches long and about the size of an apple. I've been feeling some flutters since about 13 weeks or so, which is the same as the twins. I know some people think it's crazy to feel the baby so early, but when you've been pregnant for about 16 out of the last 24 months, I know what it feels like! I also feel the same flutters when I use my doppler sometimes, so I know it's the baby. I actually felt my first thump yesterday too, which was pretty cool. I was on a call with my manager and she was on speaker phone and I placed the phone on my belly out of habit so I could type and after she had been talking for a few seconds, the baby thumped really hard right where the phone was. It was pretty funny.

My first week of house arrest hasn't been so bad. I try to lay down or lounge on the couch as much as possible, even when I'm working. If I stand or sit for long periods of time, I start to feel a little heavy, so I don't really like to be up that much. My first cervical check ultrasound with the peri is this Wednesday. I'm not really worried about it, but once we get to about 20 weeks, I'm going to be more anxious. So I actually haven't gained any weight yet still, but I'm not surprised. Babies tend to suck the life out of me for some reason. My OB still said not to worry at all because the baby takes everything it needs. I've been getting hungrier finally and am eating a lot more, so I'm sure I'll start gaining here soon. I finally took more belly pictures, so here you go. Please excuse the dead lawn...the sprinkler system wasn't coming on for about 2 weeks before we noticed!



  1. You look lovely.
    Thanks for the pic and the update!

  2. Only one word "BEAUTIFUL"

  3. what an adorable little belly!

  4. i'm soooo happy for you! you look beautiful!!!


  5. Loved to feel those little flutters!!! What a great picture! I was so bummed to miss your call the other day! We'll catch up soon! Love you all!!