Saturday, June 6, 2009

11 weeks

Well, I'm 11 weeks and was able to find the baby's heartbeat at home with my doppler! Yay! It makes me feel so much better to be able to hear the heartbeat and I really need that reassurance in between my appointments. My NT scan is next Thursday and I'm excited about it. It's a detailed ultrasound where they look for signs of choromosonal abnormalites and it is pretty detailed so I'll get to see the baby for about 30 minutes. With the girls, I got to see them kicking, flipping and sucking their thumbs, so it was really awesome. So I've lost about 5 pounds so far, and it truly baffles my mind. I have to work hard not to gain weight when I'm not pregnant, but for some reason, babies just suck all the weight right off me. With Makenna, I had gained zero pounds by the 23 week mark. My OB at the time and this OB now have assured me not to worry because the baby will take everything it needs from me. And yes, I eat ALL the time.

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