Tuesday, December 8, 2009

37 1/2 weeks

So I had another appointment today and there's no change. I'm still 2 cm dilated and my cervix is long! How that is possible, I have no idea. I've spent the last 6 months trying to keep this guy in here and have been praying for a long cervix and now I can't believe that the cerclage is out and I'm not even effaced. My contractions are still about 15 minutes apart and sometimes go to 10 minutes apart but no closer than that. They are definitely getting painful though, so I guess that is some progress. In fact, even his kicks are starting to get painful, but I still love them!

We got 6 inches of snow the other day, which is not normal at all for this area! It was really cool to have so much snow and it was really pretty. Here's a picture of our backyard full of snow.


I also took a belly picture today at 37 1/2 weeks. I'm up 27 pounds now but honestly feel like a whale. I seriously waddle everywhere and it's hard to sit and stand up. I'm definitely in the uncomfortable stages, but it's really not that bad.



  1. You look great Jenell, and your baby boy will come when he's ready. These last few weeks will be a time of anticipation and the unknown. But so so soon you'll be looking back at these posts and pictures fondly, with your son in your arms! Congratulations, and all the best with your upcoming labor and delivery!

  2. Oh how pretty (you not the backyard)! Are you still on bedrest now that the cleavage is gone and you're full term? I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I was wondering how that worked. Maybe this is the time to take advantage of small walks in the neighborhood or mall and do a little shopping if you like. From what you posted you look like you're in the home stretch. You should start a fun pool on your blog. Who can guess baby's due date? First prize, knowing he's here, healthy, and beautiful. Judging from your symptoms I'm guessing December 13, 2009 this coming Sunday.

    I am a little upset about your weather. That's supposed to be VA. El Nino needs to go to hell. I want my winters back! Even TEXAS is getting snow and that's just not right.

    Anywho, lots of love, hugs, and prayers for you, Rob, and baby boy.

  3. Oh damn, I just realized I've been calling the cerclage cleavage. I have been toying with a reduction, but this is just sad.

  4. 6 inches of snow!??! That is unreal! You look gorgeous lady! I love the belly and the tree. Not too much longer!! 17 days!!! I am so excited for you!!! Have you picked a name yet??? My hubby says that Jerry is a nice name for a boy :)

    We love you guys!!!


  5. Jenell:

    I have posted twice here and somehow the posts are not showing-- hopefully the third time is the charm!

    One was a rant about the vile post made to you about daycare, and maybe it is better that was lost. I hope that picture is becoming clearer for you. I was going to suggest a college student/students. Another idea is to look for stay-at-home Mom's with kids just starting school. I Nanny for my neighbors (they are my second family I have Nannied for), and fell into the job when my youngest l/c started Kindergarten and one of his friends' Moms was going back to work after a maternity leave. It was great to have little ones to "love up" while my guys were at school!!! Just another idea. And DON'T WORRY-- your little boy is going to know how much his Mommy loves him, and how very lucky he is to have parents who have endured what they have to get him here!!

    So-- we await his safe arrival! It will be so soon! I do know several people who went to 40+ weeks after the cerclage removal-- I'm hoping we don't wait quite that long!

    Can't wait for your birth story! Go with the flow-- you're gonna do GREAT!

    (((HUGS))), Krista
    Mom to l/c Kat and Aric and Angels Jordyn and Jackson

  6. Hi Jenell! You sure can tell you're having a boy! Boys seem to always carry lower. I was dialated to 3 cm for 3 weeks. Quite uncomfortable but so worth it!! Learn how to use that breast pump before he gets here. You'll be happy you did. Please post as soon as he arrives!! I just love boys. I have 3 grandsons. My Gavin is almost 3 and he got a haircut today. When they got home Mom said "Gavin go see yourself in the mirror, you're so handsome." A couple of minutes later he comes in the kitchen crying and saying "take the handsome off!" It's so funny what little ones say.

    Love, Debbie Jones

  7. Hi Jenell,
    I have been following your blog since July after my husband and I lost our son at 23 weeks. You have given me so much hope and inspiration for future pregnancies and someday, a healthy baby. I just found out I am preganat again and we are so excited!

    During the months of waiting, your blog really got me through some tough times. For that, I am truly greatful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)