Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 weeks

I'm 8 weeks today! It seems like I just found out the other day, so this pregnancy is going by fast for me, which makes me happy. I've been really really sick this time around...nothing like my other pregnancies. I feel sick pretty much all day and this started around 6 weeks. I haven't actually thrown up, but I feel like it all the time. The last few days haven't been as bad as usual, but I still don't feel great. Definitely not complaining though...I'll take any symptom. I'm just so grateful to be pregnant again. Pretty much everyone that knows thinks I'm having a boy, so I am very curious to see if everyone is right.

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  1. This is so reassuaring and I'm so glad you were brave enough to try again.Our son Juniour was still born 3 and a half weeks ago and I'm at that point were nothing makes sense.The thought of trying again really scares me.Im just trusting that our Father in Heaven knows best and when the time is right it will just happen.