Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Growing like a weed...

Well, it has been busy around here! I'm finally getting into a routine with our new family of four. Eden is doing so great and is gaining weight like crazy. At her 2 week appointment, she had already gained 2 pounds and her doctor was amazed! She was last weighed at about 6 weeks or so and she was 11 lbs! She is definitely a little chunky monkey and has a ton of rolls. Now that she has filled out she is really starting to resemble Benjamin. She's a super sweet little baby and only cries when she's hungry. She's still waking up every 2-3 hours to eat so I'm pretty tired but I think I'm finally getting used to it. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll start sleeping through the night before a year old like Benjamin did!

Benjamin is getting much better with his sister and showers her with about 100 kisses a day. He's really cute with her (most of the time) and the other day he went up to her and whispered to her "I love you Eden Grace". It was the most adorable thing ever. :) He still has his moments where he is too rough with her but it's much better than it was the first few weeks. I think he realizes that she's not going anywhere.

Except for the sleep deprivation, I feel really great. Breastfeeding has gone fantastic this time around, even with her being a preemie, which is so amazing. It was so hard with Benjamin so I'm glad we didn't have to deal with any issues. My recovery actually seemed better too and after a week or two I didn't even feel like I just had a baby.  Just feeling so blessed with all that God has given me!

Her first smile

My favorite picture of Benjamin snuggling with his sister

Sleeping beauty

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